Tailor-made Solutions

Tailor-made Solutions

We provide innovative integrated solutions to cruise vessels.

  1. Catering material handling:

    We are the only agency in Egypt that handles reefer containers containing the catering material arriving in any Egyptian port for delivery onboard cruise vessels that are dispatched from different parts of the world.

    We understand how sensitive the matter of passenger food is and the fact that it needs special care and attention. It means a great deal that those containers arrive for delivery in Egypt and not in other parts of the world. We clear such containers in all the Egyptian ports and airports in an integrated and most efficient logistical system.

  2. Passport & Immigration Solutions:

    We also do our utmost for vessels to comply with their itinerary.

    For vessels with passengers over 1500, we have a passport officer join vessel at her last port of call before arriving in the Egyptian water, in order to finish stamping passengers’ passports before vessel’s arrival a port, in good time before passengers disembark for their excursions on time as scheduled, thus saving valuable time and guaranteeing efficiency of vessel’s operation.

  3. Timely Berthing:

    Also, in winter time, besides the passport officer, we also have a pilot to join vessel at the last port of call before arriving in any Egyptian port as a precaution against bad weather. This allows vessel to enter port and berth even when the port is closed and to avoid any delay.

    During our experience in serving the cruise sector of 10 years we never received any complaint about any delay or berthing problems in any Egyptian port.

  4. The Extra Miles We Always Go:

    In handling such large volumes of thousands of passengers and crew, we face numerous and various problems of all kinds that we never failed to provide solutions for.

    We offer all kinds of services to passengers themselves at no extra charge but the bills evidencing our services. We take it upon ourselves to meet and respond to all passengers’ personal requests and inquires with regards to their preferences of shore excursions or medical emergencies.

  5. Land Excursions:

    We offer a wide range of shore excursions from any Egyptian Port of call to explore the ancient treasures of the greatest civilization ever on the earth and the oldest and only remains of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; the Great Pyramids, in Giza, the impressive temples and fantastic tombs on the West and East Bank of the River Nile in Luxor, the open-air world Museum and much more. We cater for tailor-made excursions of your choice.

    Stopping at Alexandria port, a wide variety of quick trip will be available for you. You can enjoy an over day trip to Al Alamein village and the WWII cemeteries or a full day tour in the Roman sites of Alexandria.

    Your shore excursion may also extend to Wadi Natroun, the actual birthplace of the Christian monasticism. Furthermore, you can enjoy an overnight trip to Cairo visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Egyptian museum, exhibiting artifacts from the Pharaonic period including the treasures of the Child-King Tutankhamun and much more.

    Arriving at Port Said or El Ain El Sokhna Ports, you will enjoy an over day trip highlighting the most famous sites in Cairo.

    An over day excursion from Safaga is a unique experience you shouldn’t miss as you will visit the splendid monuments of Luxor, including the splendid Kamak & Luxor temples and the Valley of the Kings among many other Egyptian monuments.

    If your ship is calling at any Egyptian port, Alexandria, Port Said, Safaga, Ain El Sohkna or any Red Sea port, look no further than the Dominion Group to arrange your quick trips in Egypt to make your passenger’s experience onshore a unique one.

    Our helpful representatives and tour guide will be waiting for you at the agreed port to escort you through your trip.

    Here are a few samples of shore excursions we arrange. Tailor-made excursions of your choice are readily available.

    Vessels Calling Port Said

    • Half Day Port Said – including a horse-drawn carts tour of the city, visit to the Port Said National Museum, drive the Peace Bridge crossing the Suez Canal to Sinai.
    • Full Day Cairo - The Pyramids of Giza, Memphis, Sakkara, the National Museum, The Sound and Light Presentation and the Citadel of Saladin, famous Cairo Bazaars.

    Vessels Calling Alexandria

    • Full Day Alexandria featuring the Graeco -Roman sites, Alex National Museum and Bibliotheca Alexandria.
    • Full Day of El Alamein and World War II Cemeteries and Wadi Natroun, the birthplace of the Christian monasticism.
    • Full Day Cairo- The Pyramids of Giza, Memphis, Sakkara, the National Museum, The Sound and Light Presentation and the Citadel of Saladin, famous Cairo Bazaars.

    Vessels Calling Suez or Sukhna Port

    • Full Day Cairo - The Pyramids of Giza, Memphis, Sakkara, the National Museum, The Sound and Light Presentation and the Citadel of Saladin, famous Cairo Bazaars.
    • Half Day Red Sea Monasteries visit {St. Paul and St. Antoniou}

    Vessels Calling Sharm El-Sheikh

    • Full Day – St Catherine’s Monastery
    • Full Day – Ras Mohamed by boat and water sports
    • Half Day – Naama bay & Old Sharm
    • Quad Runner at the desert (One bike each)

    Vessels Calling Safaga or Hurghada

    • Two days Luxor
    • Full Day – Giftun Islan for water sports     
    • Submarine Trip at Hurghada     
    • Catamaran Rich dolphin Trip at Hurghada     
    • Jeep Safari & BBQ Bedouin dinner with the Bedouins     
    • Quad Runner at the desert (One bike each)
  6. Guide

    We have the most distinguished, specialized and highly qualified staff in Egypt, experienced in tourism and most importantly, in great fun. We know that a knowledgeable guide can make a big difference in a vacation experience.

  7. Transportation

    We arrange luxury limousine transportation for passenger to travel in the utmost comfort and style. We arrange limousine cars, minibuses or buses of new model vehicles.

  8. Ticketing

    Dominion offers a reliable and punctual international and domestic air ticketing service. Our rates are very competitive and we use only the best airlines to ensure safety and reliability at all times. We also arrange charter flights, which can be a particularly useful time saver during peak seasons.