In order to maximize our principals’ profitability, we give advice to them on how to make the best use of facilities that they can get while calling the Egyptian ports. One of such facilities is the rebate of Suez Canal transit tolls.

In order for cruise vessels to be granted such rebate, they must comply with the following:

Vessel must stay at least 72 hours in the Egyptian ports in order to be granted a reduction of 50% from the Suez Canal normal tolls. If vessel’s stay less than 72 hours up to 36 hours minimum, rebate on the Suez Canal normal tolls will be granted as follow:

50% X Number of Hours Spent at the Egyptian Ports Divided by 72

From the total number of hours spent at the Egyptian ports, vessel must spend at least half of these hours at the Egyptian Red Sea ports.

In case vessel returns through the Suez Canal within one month from the date of her transit, she will be entitled to the same reduction for the return transit.